About Us

Allen Smalley is a multi-faceted organization providing services like epublishing, textiles and software development under a single umbrella with finesse and expertise. Our comprehension of market trends, competitive milieu and customer needs have given us an edge over others. We provide customized solutions by leveraging our knowledge to help clients meet their business objectives. When we closely work with them we successfully identify and articulate their requirements and innovate upon them exceeding their expectations and building our knowledge base. Quality, integrity, team work and creativity are pursued by our team to deliver the best. Skilled personnel and a tech savvy infrastructure are a pre requisite in the domain of digital services, elearning, designing, and conversion, editorial and composition activities. Allen Smalley is your most preferred terminus for all epublishing services, aspiring to deliver a strategic support system to publishing and media houses, all over the world, with a competitive advantage in an increasingly dynamic business landscape.

Allen Smalley has diverse interests. It has begun to leave its footprints in the realm of readymade women garments with an underlying message of women empowerment and instilling entrepreneurship among women. Ethnic wear like kurtis, Indian wear and western garments both formal and casual are being promoted by us. Garment sector is an evergreen booming sector which has been productively harnessed by Allen Smalley. These readymade garments are intricately designed from premium fabrics, in order to present a complete package of style and comfort to the buyers. The designs and patterns chosen are reflections of our skill and ability to understand the pulse of the market demand. We make continuous efforts to present the best in quality, design and variety. Years of experience in garment manufacturing and marketing has made us the most trusted brand for readymade clothes for women. We express our social responsibility by ensuring procurement only from such women designers and manufacturers and thus helping them to etch out a living.

The digital revolution has revolutionized the publishing industry by enabling the creation of electronic books. Continuous advancement in eReaders has compelled publishers and authors to switch to eBooks. At Allen Smalley smart technology has led to devising modern reading techniques on iPhones, iPad, Kindle, SONY and KOBO eBook reader, Nook, Google Nexus, Android devices, smartphones, tablets, across sources like hardcopies and electronic files (incl. Scanned images, MS-Word, PDF, In-Design and QuarkXPress) thus calling it ePublishing. These conversions are possible because of a deep understanding of complex devices of eReaders. More media features are provided in the digital books. Now enhanced eBooks are made available which supports audio and video.

In the iPad, IBA formats are used as interesting functions like quizzes, Q&A sessions and widgets. Our team is equipped to bring forth tiny applications called widgets for easy distribution of content across blogs and websites. The Allen Smalley experts are adept in providing static and dynamic websites and come up with interesting apps on all leading platforms. It also provides other services like conversions, transcriptions, scanning, digitization, XML creation, word styling, coding, Flash to HTML 5, development of games, story boarding, creation of content, audio video editing, animation and various designing activities. Allen Smalley has kept itself abreast of the latest that takes place in this domain and assures its supply to its clients.

The readymade garment section of Allen Smalley gets inspired with the latest designs and the current trends. Always a new array of women’s designer garments is provided to the clients to choose from. Our collections comprise of vibrant colors and vivid textile patterns. We take special care that the fabric is nothing but the best and we source our merchandise from the best sources which provide us with the latest designs and the best quality fabric. We adhere to stringent methods of quality checks of shades shrinkage and width and other damages. Our garments are well known for the value additions like hand and machine embroidery, smoking and badges, serving an esteemed clientele, who lap up the stocks the moment they hit the market. Restoring our trust in the empowerment of women, our supply sources are skilled women designers who etch out a living by tailoring and designing the garments we sell.